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Guidelines for Submission:

  1. Format: Ensure your project report is in PDF format for easy readability and assessment.
  2. Content: Include all relevant details such as project title, objectives, methodology, findings, conclusions, and any recommendations. Be concise yet thorough in your presentation.
  3. Attachments: If applicable, include any supplementary materials such as code files, datasets, or visual aids that support your project.
  4. Personal Details: Clearly mention your full name, student ID, course name, and any other pertinent information as required by your institution.

Submission Process:

  • Deadline: Please note that the deadline for submission is strict. Late submissions may result in delay in issuing the certificates. 
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Smart Home Automation System:

  • Develop a comprehensive home automation system that controls lighting, temperature, security, and appliances using IoT devices and a central control hub.



IoT-based Asset Tracking System:

  • Implement a system for tracking valuable assets using RFID or GPS technology.